Take a short stroll (or scroll!) around Pintrest and Instagram and you will most definitely find some seriously stylish short veils.  Some of the most iconic veils of the twentieth century were short; from Bianca Jagger to Marilyn Monroe, or the more recently Jennifer Aniston and Kate Middleton.  They have a way of making a great impact with just a puff of tulle; they can definitely punch above their weight! I always say to people who don’t necessarily want to wear a veil to try a short veil, as they can be less traditional and formal.  Why not have fun with them and make a statement; especially if you have a short or simple gown!  They are easy to wear, suit a multitude of different styles and don’t get in the way like long veils can.  You can have them made from tulle, chiffon, georgette or lace and each one will look completely different to the last.  So without any further ado, here are some short veil styles!



These veils are more often than not made from French/Russian veiling which comes in different widths.  These widths are used to make different styles, which will cover some/half/all of your face.  They are great for stylish or vintage weddings, and frame the face beautifully for photos! You may also like the option of removing it or folding it back for the reception. Birdcage veils are one of my all time favourites, as you can see I wore one for my own wedding (see featured image).  They can be as simple as a piece of veil to sit in your hair or elaborate as you like, with the addition of lace, beads or flowers.

final-noir2                      birdcage-noir


You can have a blusher in one of two ways.  It refers to a veil that covers the bride’s face, so it generally finishes past the shoulders. Many longer veils will have a blusher as part of it.  Otherwise you can one all on its own which can be lifted after you walk down the aisle or when you have your big moment- ‘The Kiss’

7                           side-veil

Fly away

These veils always look like so much fun!  Flyaway veils will usually finish no longer than the shoulder and are made from a tulle with more body so it sits out from your hairstyle and gives that ‘flyaway’ look.  They usually look like nice little puffs of tulle with a single or more layers to add volume or texture.  You can have great fun with these, maybe a spot tulle or ribbon edge? Or even bows or lace at the comb?  They look great with shorter style gowns or less formal weddings too.


Elbow or Fingertip

I have grouped these two together as they really only refer to the finished length of veil, and I’m pretty sure you know where you elbow and fingertip are!  These veils suit a large variety gowns and can come in numerous guises.  I have made them in tulle and soft fabrics like chiffon or georgette.  They can have lace edging or embroidery.  Be single layered or have a blusher too! If you have a fuller gown they are a great choice as they finish were the fullness of your gown starts.


Photo credits: Feature image by Natalie Grant;  blusher by Molly and Mae

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