Whenever i receive an email about wearing a family heirloom, my heart skips a beat! I have recently had some beautiful pieces come across my bench, but I’m fairly certain that Nikki’s mothers headpiece is one of my all time favourites. It almost didn’t happen, she wasn’t sure about bringing it but decided at the last minute to bring it along anyway. As you can see from the pictures, this was the right decision!

I remember our meeting like it was yesturday, in came Nikki with her mum and THE box. It’s almost like a slow motion replay, as the box opens i hold my breathe….. and there it was! I almost died with excitement! I don’t know if Nikki’s mum Mandy believed how much i loved the headpiece. It was perfect, and to make it even better Nikki was having a dress, then an outfit change into wide leg pants and a spotty tulle tie up top (the same as what her mother had worn!). The only down side was waiting 6 months to see it all in action.

Just like with most pieces that have been tucked away for a while, Nikki’s headpiece had some ‘age spots’ which we can’t always remove. But it is always worth a try! After some spot cleaning by myself, i decided that it needed to see a dry cleaner. So i called Kerryn from LDC Dry Cleaners who specialises in silks and delicate pieces. It came back almost brand new! All that was left was to steam and press all the flowers back to life and bend them into shape. Perfection!

While her headpiece was away, i spent my time creating a beautiful little custom face veil to match. Nikki loved one of my flower veils, so i created one with silk flowers that matched the headpiece. It was a little bit of trial an error, but so worth it in the end! Creating tooled silk flowers is one of my all time favourite jobs. Soothes the soul i say, and well…. it looked just stunning!!!!

I had such a hard time choosing just the few pictures (what a gorgeous bride Nikki made, and that smile!), all the details from the wedding where just amazing.


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