So, what is a Blusher veil?

In simple terms, it is the front part of a veil that goes over your face and is lifted for the kiss or at the start of your ceremony when you reach the alter etc. I find there are two kinds of brides; ones who love the idea of having a blusher and the others who could think of nothing worse!

At the end of the day, it is such a personal decision as to whether you have a blusher or not. Some brides are just not comfortable with it, others like the traditional style of them.

Most of the blushers that I cut are about 30 inches long, which allows you to comfortably carry your bouquet outside of your veil so you aren’t getting caught up. Some brides prefer the longer line of about 40-45 inches. This means that you are fully covered by the veil, including your bouquet, which can be hard to not catch if you have a huge bouquet!

I always suggest that brides have a think not just about how they look, but how their husband will go lifting their veil! It can be quiet an awkward moment if you are different heights etc. Trying to get a long blusher over your bouquet, hair and then down nicely behind you can be a challenge. So be warned, some hilarity may ensue. (Some brides like to practice before the big day to avoid this!)

Another lovely option with a blusher is to not use it at all. I have made many veils where the bride has had a blusher cut into their veil only to have it sit at the back and not over their face. This gives the veil a nice double tier look where you can choose how far down you would like the blusher to end.

So, remember it’s completely up to you! Try one on, and if you like it go for it. If you don’t, then that’s fine too. Or you could have one and just leave it behind!

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